Increasing the success of non-native English speakers and the businesses that employ them.



1Want better American English?


1 Need American job hunting skills?


1 Want more American-born friends?


1 Want to get along with co-workers?

1Workplace diversity challenges?


1 Hires from abroad need better American English?


1 Employees have trouble understanding each other?


1 Tensions between staff of different backgrounds?

Acculturation Strategies

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Improve your English and communication skills to make friends and succeed in your personal and professional lives.

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businessman having fun conversation with colleagues during break


Do you have employees of different backgrounds who need to communicate better? We'll improve language skills and develop workplace bonds. 

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Sessions available for small groups, families and community settings.

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Diversity Consultants in Chicago, IL

Welcome Dialogue Diversity Consulting helps non-native English speakers in the Chicagoland area with basic oral skills, more advanced understanding of American idioms and slang expressions, becoming familiar with local behaviors and habits, knowing what to expect in the American workplace and to learn American Culture as a whole. Our clients are people such as:

  • the medical student from Saudi Arabia, who faces acculturation stress and needs to improve his communication skills with patients,
  • the lonely stay-at-home mother whose children have moved out and who would like to make friends outside her Chinese neighborhood,
  • the Argentine native who has run a business in the U.S. for several years, but wants to learn American job-hunting skills: networking, interviewing and self-promotion.
  • the business owner whose foreign-born employees need training in American business protocols and dress codes, to help them adjust to American culture.
  • the researcher who wants to move up in her company, but needs to improve her spoken English and learn the best ways to interact with her colleagues and supervisors,
  • a company with Spanish-dominant and English-dominant employees who don't communicate well, affecting productivity and morale.
  • the isolated downtown professional who wants more confidence in English, good relationships with her new co-workers and feels lost with American idioms and slang,
  • the graduate student from abroad who feels confused by American social habits and wants to learn how to date Americans and engage in “small talk,”
  • the human resources department with an international staff member who gives oral presentations but is difficult to understand,
  • and the Indian-born 60-year-old who’s facing her U.S. citizenship interview, but has trouble understanding spoken English.


Helping Immigrants and Companies Communicate in the Corporate World

Language is not only structural and practical, but emotional. A person can know all the vocabulary and grammar of a certain language, but if they feel too nervous to speak it, they won’t. Regina guides clients through the training they need as well as any fears they have about making mistakes, looking foolish and losing connection with their native culture.

Regina understands the emotional part of learning a language because she went through it. Born in the U.S, Regina learned only English at home, but the Mexican-American community, as well as the greater world, expected her to know fluent Spanish. She did her best to learn Spanish in high school and college, but the judgment she faced from those who were disappointed by her teenage lack of Spanish fluency made a deep impression. She feared she had let down the Mexican-American community and dreaded making a mistake in Spanish. Regina knows the shame of not knowing the language everyone expects you to know and knows what it’s like to be afraid that a single mistake will cause others to judge you.

Learning American Culture

If Americans sometimes confuse you, or if you feel nervous about saying the wrong thing or making the wrong move with your co-workers, friends or neighbors, please contact us. No matter what your goals are, Regina will create an acculturation strategy to give you the skills and tools to reach those goals. With Welcome Dialogue, you will find your community in the Chicagoland area, gain a better understanding of American culture, improve your communication skills and become a more valuable member of the workforce.